Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 27, 2011

Kristen and Chance's Majestic Wedding at The Umstead!

Not only are Kristen and Chance movie star good looking, they are also very thoughtful and generous. In fact, they do resemble our most recent royal couple! We met on October 3, 2010 to plan their wedding ceremony at The Umstead on June 18, 2011. I really enjoyed working with them to make their ceremony exactly what they envisioned.
When Marty and I arrived on the scene, we went to the reception area to find Joe Bunn DJ to say Hi but he was not there yet. So, we saw the beautiful cake by Sweet Memories
The reception room was ready and there were some staff of the hotel scurrying around doing last minute things.
Victoria Park Florist did an amazing job on the centerpieces and on the altar area decor as you will see below.
 In these goblets are ribbon streamers for the guests to wave at the couple for good wishes as they left after the reception. You can't see the sticks they are tied to that are resting inside the goblets. Their color scheme of pewter and orange is carried throughout and is a very striking and lovely color combination you have to see to believe!
A 30" round table held the Unity Candle set up. Candles outdoors are easily blown out, especially on a waterfront like this where there is usually a breeze, so Kristen and Chance wisely got a huge goblet to hold and protect the Unity Candle. Their individual flames in the votives were lit by their mothers using the white candles and the third votive for fire. The decorated tapers are for Kristen and Chance to transfer their flames from the votives to the Unity Candle.
 Laura Byrne, a wonderful harpist, set up on the sidewalk to the side of the ceremony site.
Ami Wheeler with The Umstead gives a last minute briefing to the groomsmen who serve as ushers for the guests.  Ami is so professional and so organized. She handles every little detail with ease. She has the whole line-up and notes on her iPad.
Because Chance was escorting in his mother, Phillis, I entered first and anchored the ceremony space so he could step up and join me after his mother lit his candle and was seated.
After all the groomsmen and bridesmaids had entered, it was time for our flower girls and ring bearer.
This little flower girl decided she did not want to make the walk down the aisle and preferred to be in her mother's arms and watch!
Father of the bride, David, escorts our lovely Kristen down the aisle to Chance. Kristen's dress was so perfect for her. It was almost as gorgeous as she is!
Our photographic team in action. The photographer is Geoff Schultz along with his wife, Cheyenne, did the still photography. They are from Charlotte. Kevin with Bluebird did the video.
This is the view of the ceremony from the balcony off the lobby. Many hotel guests stand there and watch the weddings going on in the garden. And, since I am wearing a microphone, they probably can hear the ceremony too.
There were special blessings for the parents. We also remembered Chance's father who is no longer with us.
Isn't this altar decor beautiful? It looks so regal with the white columns and the white flower balls. Simple but elegant. Victoria Park Florist did a great job.
One flower girl managed to stand with the bridesmaids the whole ceremony. She was so sweet--and very attentive too! 
 Kristen's friend Erin did a reading of a beautiful wedding prayer.
Kristen and Chance read their special vows to each other from my book then exchanged rings. This was followed by the lighting of the Unity Candle. The transfer of flames worked very well. 
 I now pronounce you husband and wife!
 Good kiss, don't you think? I remembered to step out of the way!
 And they begin their new journey together......
While we were getting all posed for photos, the bridesmaids sat down and enjoyed some champagne while awaiting their turn. That pewter and orange was really a fabulous color scheme.
Kristen and Chance, you are a blessed couple and I know you were meant for each other. I wish you all the best forever!

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