Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ilisa and Eric Wed at Embassy Suites in Raleigh!

Ilisa and Eric are a great couple. I first met Ilisa over a year ago to plan their wedding for June 25, 2011 at the Embassy Suites across from Crabtree Valley Mall. I did not meet Eric until May of this year to finalize all the details of the ceremony. Ilisa and Eric have a sweet story which began in July 2008. Eric and Ilisa were both stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB but they did not meet there. They met because Eric was the “boy next door” and Ilisa was the “girl next door.” Seems they each bought a house which happened to be right next door to each another. Even more coincidently, they closed on their houses only one week apart!
This is the Embassy Suites lobby area which is all set up with the chairs for the wedding guests. It is a lovely open area that gives the feeling of being outdoors. There are many lush plants and some palm trees and a beautiful waterfall feature. We must have amplification for the people speaking in the wedding to be heard because like being outdoors, there are no acoustical surfaces to contain the sound and also to be heard over the sound of the water. That was not a problem as Brian McGuire, DJ and owner of McSound Productions was on hand to provide the music for the ceremony and the reception. His mobile sound unit was set up on the first balcony overlooking the area so he could easily survey the wedding ceremony and adjust the volume. Thanks, Brian! 
This is the view from the other end on the lobby level. The bridesmaids and the bride will make their entrances from the first balcony level down the stairs. Kyle Adams, the event/catering manager with the hotel, took care of every detail. She is so good and gets things done and done right! Thanks, Kyle.
This lovely cake was right in keeping with the royal blue color scheme. It was provided by Blue Moon Bakery.
The reception area with dance floor were set to go. Again the royal blue theme followed through.
When it was time to start the processional, Marty stationed herself here to get photos of the ladies processing in. The photographer, Chad Smith with Imageworx Photography, had asked us not to use flash because he had some slave strobes that the flash from other cameras would trigger potentially spoiling photos he was wanting to make without flash. So, I set my camera to a no flash setting and the photo below and all the rest are what we got. 
A rather overexposed, washed out photo. Neither Marty nor I were aware that was the result until I looked at the photos last night for the first time. Consequently, I don't have very good photos of the ceremony to post here and what I am posting are pretty poor in quality. Apparently the shutter speed was slowed to allow more light and the photos are overexposed and most out of focus.
After the three bridesmaids entered, Ilisa made her long walk down the steps. Her brother, Chuck, was most happy to have the honor of walking her down the aisle since their parents are deceased.
It was a very lovely and fun wedding. Their guests really enjoyed hearing how Eric and Ilisa met. They were both outside their houses next door watching fireworks in the distance. Eric was sitting on the back bumper of his truck and Ilisa who had been standing on her front porch walked over and introduced herself. This began a long series of neighborly deeds helping each other out with yardwork and Ilisa wanting a lawnmower just like Eric's and the adventure of getting it! Gradually the friendship developed into great respect and then love. And, as they say, the rest is history!
Ilisa and Eric, if Chad sends you some good photos of the ceremony, and I am sure he got many, please forward them to me and I will post on this blog so folks can have a better image of how great your wedding was! In the meantime, I hope you two are on a well deserved honeymoon! I loved working with you on your ceremony and was honored to be your officiant. I thank you for your dedication to serving our country and your dedication to each other and your families. May you have a long marriage of love, peace and joy!

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