Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beautiful Garden Wedding for Amy and Eric!

Amy called me on July 2, 2010 to officiate hers and Eric's wedding at her parents' lovely home in N. Raleigh on June 5, 2011. They sent in the contract and my fee and we got started on their ceremony. They planned a small wedding with about 15 to 20 guests, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no rehearsal. In the course of almost a year, their wonderful friends and family got involved and many things changed but I did not know about any of the changes! When Marty and I arrived on the rather warm Sunday afternoon, June 5, 2011, we found a whole different scenario than I had expected!
A beautiful area had been set up with prettily draped chairs for 50 people and an archway for the entrance. Also there were the sounds of many children playing in a pool next door which would have been quite distracting and, since I did not bring my sound system, it was likely the guests could not hear me over those happy squeals. I said something to Amy's father and he wisely called his neighbors and found out their little boy was having a birthday party around the pool. Fortunately they agreed to keep the children quiet for a little while during the ceremony!
Inside the lovely house were cupcakes everywhere!
The yard had been set up with many tables with colorful tablecloths and there were guest favors and other delights.
Someone had created some cute signs for the ceremony and the reception. But wait, the last I heard the reception was going to be at Shabshabu! I guess those plans changed!
We did not get started on time because after we shooed the guests out of the cool house and into their seats, the laptop driven music would not work. Apparently Eric is an accomplished musician and had written original music for the processional. But the MP3 and laptop would not work for some reason. Eric and his friends tried everything then gave up. So, Eric and I processed in first followed by the mothers. You can see Eric's mother, Helen, in the background.
After Eric's mother was escorted in by the groomsman, Amy's mother, Arada, was escorted in by the best man, Lindis.
Then Amy's sister, Nikki, as maid of honor followed the bridesmaids in. The color scheme was a pretty pink, and had I known, I could have worn a matching pink dress!
Amy was escorted in by her sweet father, Chanchai. She was so happy! Her dress was a little long because she was walking on grass which will make the dress drag if the length is not taken into consideration wtih the surface the bride will walk on. So, she needed one hand to hold the bouquet and the other to hold up the front of her dress!
This was such a pretty setting for their wedding. It was quite warm though!
Amy and Eric are so much in love! It was written all over them and their families were overjoyed to see them married to each other.
See the little bird's nest that Lindis is holding? It held the rings! I don't know if this is a Thai custom or not but it was very unique.
They exchanged rings and their vows.
Amy and Eric both shed lots of tears (and some perspiration!) during the ceremony. Amy had forgotten to put on water-proof mascara so she had little rivulets of black lines running down her cheeks which I kept wiping off but her tears kept coming. Eric's cheeks were wet and, well, he needed to blow his nose! So, I luckily had two hankies in my book and knowing that the kiss was coming up, I gave them each a hankie and told them to clean up their faces for the pronouncement--and the kiss! They were happy to do that, especially Eric!
This photo caught me putting my hand down on top of theirs to make the pronouncement of marriage.
Some embrace and kiss, huh? They were ecstatic and so was Amy's sister!
 Amy was shouting for joy!
The photographer, Melody, owner of Aria Images, was directing them to an area for photographs while the guests enjoyed something cool to drink. It was very hot.
What a good looking wedding party! Did you notice we had an extra bridesmaid sneak in?
I found out that Amy had made all the bouquets herself. Isn't hers spectacular? I love the feathers.
Eric not only smiles with his lips, he smiles with his eyes! What a great couple you are, Amy and Eric! Fabulous wedding even though it took me by surprise! I know you are soooo happy to be married to each other and I wish you a lifetime of peace, love and joy!

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