Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paula and Steve's Fabulous Wedding at Chateau Bellevie!

Paula and Steve are a laid-back and fun loving couple. It was such a pleasure to work with them to get their ceremony just right with lots of humor and then marry them! The Chateau Bellevie, a stunning wedding venue, is a beautifully appointed French mansion that is like nothing else in this part of the country and fit Paula and Steve's style perfectly.
Their wedding day of April 30, 2011 was about as perfect as you can get. Here is the back deck where our ceremony took place. I have done one wedding inside the Chateau which is gorgeous. There are many sites on the property where weddings can take place. You can see beyond the portico that there is a pretty gazebo on the other side which is a good place for a small wedding.
The arbor was so tastefully decorated and the fountain in the back added just the perfect sense of tranquility.
This is the Chateau as you drive down the driveway. It is so elegant and the gardens are perfectly manicured.
This beautiful cake in the pale lavender color of Victorian Lilac was baked by Ambrosia Cake Creations.
Paula and Steve love this sweet photo and had it on display. They are so happy they found each other.
Our photographer, Jennifer Kidd, was taking photos of our beautiful bride upstairs before the wedding ceremony. Paula looked stunning in her beautiful dress.
It was the day after the Royal Wedding, you know, and Jennifer decided she should wear a "fascinator." You know, one of those cute little hats that sit perched on the side of the top of you head that were SO popular at the Royal Wedding! Jennifer is so much fun and I love doing weddings with her. She was certainly a perfect fit for our couple.
Craig Hanemann and William Stewart with Arioso Strings were on hand to provide the heavenly ceremony music. Craig has played at more ceremonies with me than I can count. This is the first time William has played with him at a wedding.
Upstairs the dining room was ready for the dinner reception.
This is the Wishing Tree. You fill out a note on a string with your wish for the couple and hang it on the tree!
Roxana with the Chateau was our wedding director. Here she has us all lined up and ready to go after the mothers were seated. 
This is Lexi, our flower girl. She did a great job sprinkling the petals. She must be one of Paula's nieces because I can definitely see a family resemblance.
Paula was escorted in by her brother, Phillip.
There was some good laughing going on as I shared the couple's story of meeting on line and not thinking they had made good first impressions then finding out that they were absolutely perfect for each other and wishing they had met 20 years earlier. Then telling of some funny adventures they had together along the way. Love those stories. 
 I think Steve was saying "I do" at this point!
 Now he puts the ring on Paula's finger as he repeats the lines after me.
 Paula's turn.
Their mothers poured in sand representing their families as a foundation for their marriage.
The rest of the container is filled with the couple's sand.
 That's it! They are married and begin their new journey from this point in time!
Paula and Steve, thank you for finding each other and finding me. I was honored to join you in marriage. I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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Mary Page Block said...

Glad we could be there to play. Wonderful photos and update. Thank you for posting!

Mary Block - Arioso Strings