Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lydia and MJ's Wonderful Wedding at the Fish Pond at Duke Gardens!

The fish pond at Duke Gardens was closed for weddings in 2009 due to needed drainage renovations and just opened again for the wedding season this year. Lydia and MJ fell in love with this location and wanted their wedding here. Lydia had visions of the wedding party processing in all the way from the top of the pergola down to the fish pond. And, we made her vision work. My thanks to photographer Craig Carpenter for referring this couple to me.
And speaking of Craig, immediately above is a photo of Craig Carpenter, Luster Studios, taking the amazing photo on top! The wide angle lens is magic and Craig is the magician! Lydia and MJ decided to see each other before the wedding so they could get some good photos, and they sure did. They are all assembled under the pergola from where we will process all the way down to the fish pond. 
 After Lydia's two grandmothers and her mother were escorted down the lengthy aisle, MJ and I began our "descent!" The musicians were down at the fish pond and we could not hear the music from here. 

Our wedding director and friend of the couple, Electra Westmoreland, was stationed halfway down the aisle hidden behind some bushes so she did not get in the picture. She was at a vantage point where she could see us and signal the musicians. It worked well. Great job, Electra!
As the last bridesmaid and groomsmen descended, followed by the flower girl and ring bearer, the music was changed for the entrance of the bride.
Here comes the bride escorted by her father, Danny.
You can see the guests and the wedding party standing for her. Craig is crossing the aisle to get some more good pictures.

 Our very talented musicians, Emi and Udo Hildebrandt, provided the beautiful music.
This is what the wedding looked like from the other side of the fish pond by Craig. Nice reflections in the water. Craig had to shoo onlookers away from this area so they would not be in all the wedding photos taken from the other direction although I noticed in one of my pictures that someone slipped in behind us later in the ceremony.
I don't know who this person in the yellow top is but she stood there practically the whole ceremony and is in most of my photos until Craig asked her to stand aside. I think she was videoing.

 Lydia looked like a beautiful princess in her wedding dress. It was perfect for her.
Craig must have used a telephoto lens to get this close!
 The rings and vows....
 The pronouncement of marriage...
 The KISS!
 The presentation of the newlyweds to their guests! (See the person up on the hill behind them?)
And, away they go! 
The customary "after the ceremony" photo with the minister! 

Lydia and MJ, you did an amazing job creating a wonderful wedding and I am honored to have been part of your special day. Go forth in Love, Peace and Joy!

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