Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Day Wedding for Kristen and Greg!

Kristen called me on December 14th to see if I could officiate her wedding on January 1, 2011.  It was quite late to be finding an officiant but she explained that she had just been able to book the NC Museum of Art for her reception on that day. She was so thrilled that it became available even if it was last minute. She wanted to have her ceremony in a church and one of the closest was Community United Church of Christ at the corner of Dixie Trail and Wade Ave and they were available too. So the pieces started falling in place for her wedding to happen on New Years Day. Thankfully I was available. In fact, I was amazed that I had not gotten an avalanche of requests for this numerically significant date! Kristen met with me on the 14th and decided on the 17th that she wanted me to officiate. She later found out that I had officiated another couple's wedding that were friends of hers. We started immediately constructing her ceremony to include everything that she wanted. Greg had apparently told her to make it hers and to my knowledge, I don't think he ever read the ceremony and heard it for the first time on his wedding day! 
The groomsmen and I were the first to enter for the processional followed by Kristen's grandparents, then Greg escorted in his mother and joined us.
The bridesmaids were all ready to go in their lovely "fern green." (David's Bridal's color)
It was really important to Kristen that Greg's daughter, Lauren, her niece, Madelyn, and her nephew, Micah, be part of the wedding. Ironically, I learned at the wedding that Lauren was the flower girl in another wedding I did last year!
Kristen wanted both parents to escort her down the aisle. But, at the rehearsal we discovered that the aisle was not wide enough for all three of them so they decided that her father would escort her in and when they got to the first row her mother would stand up and join them for the transfer of hands.
I don't know the seating capacity of the church, but it was filled up that evening. Everyone was standing as our beautiful bride and her father, Bob, swept down the aisle!
You can tell that the aisle only could accommodate one bride and one father!

Here I am delivering the Children's Blessing to Lauren, Madelyn and Micah. They were so good (and quiet during the ceremony)! The girls actually scattered the flower petals very nicely and consistently. This does not always happen as you may have noticed in prior posts. Both these girls were 5 years old and could understand what they were supposed to do as compared with younger flower girls.
The ceremony was about 20 minutes, the ideal length. They made their vows and exchanged rings. Then I declared them husband and wife and Gregory really nailed his beautiful bride with a kiss! Good going, Greg! Everyone applauded.
And, out they go, all officially married and ready to kick up their heels at the reception.
It was great to work again with Warren McCormack, their photographer. (Photographers are not used to having their picture taken!)  I look forward to seeing his pictures of this wedding and the reception which I did not attend.  It was a rainy evening and I stepped in mud on the way to my car so I decided to just go on home although I had been looking forward to seeing the reception and getting a photo of the wedding cake at the Museum.
This gentleman is Doug Barrick who played the piano for the prelude and then switched over to the organ for the processional and recessional. He is with the church and was so helpful in showing me where the sound system was and getting my microphone plugged in to it. He is also a great pianist and organist! Thanks, Doug!
Greg and Kristen, congratulations on your marriage! I think you pulled off a wonderful wedding and I know you are dedicated to each other in your marriage. I wish you all the best forever!

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