Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Wedding for Stacey and Stewart at Angus Barn!

Stacey and Stew met with me last August to plan their wedding for October 31, 2010. They did not specifically choose the date because it was Halloween. The date simply worked the best for them. Stacey told me she did plan to use orange and black as her colors but was not going to play up the Halloween theme. They chose to have their wedding at the wonderful Angus Barn restaurant in front of the huge fireplace near the front entrance.
Right down the hall from the ceremony area is where the dinner reception was to be held. The menu looked wonderful and they even reserved a place for me but I could not stay and enjoy the delicious food there. I did notice that Angus Barn is having a Thanksgiving Day buffet and my family and I may decide to do that this year instead of cooking! A nice discovery.
Cinda of Cinda's Creative Cakes was really busy this weekend. I think about 3 of my weddings had her cakes! She does such a great job. Here we have the black/orange scheme in the cake.
Stacey could not resist throwing in a little Halloween humor. Photos of her and Stew in regular garb and a contrasting photo of them as a Frankenstein bride and the vampire!
Sherry Lattin was on hand to grace us with her beautiful violin music. She is so good. Always a pleasure to work with her and her group, Florian.
When it was 4:00, we were ready to begin. Stew, his two sons, Bret and Bryan, and I took our places in front of the fireplace. Note the bright orange ties! You cannot see it but they also have on matching orange socks! I saw them later.
Stacey's two pretty daughters, Madison and Lindsey, then entered. My, they look like twins in this photo although Madison is 13 and Lindsey 16. Behind them is Michelle Gunton, our photographer.
Stacey had been tucked away up in The Wild Turkey Bar and now makes her descent to the wedding. Michelle is getting ready to take her photo and Sally Oakley, our wedding director, is so happy to get to this wonderful moment for Stacey and Stew. Congratulations on another great wedding, Sally!
As I had suggested, Stew met her at the bottom of the steps and escorted her in. What a great looking couple! Gregg Kennedy of Brides and Bouquets did the lovely floral arrangements and bouquets.
Flanked by their children, we begin the ceremony. Stacey had written a wonderful analogy of marriage and the change of seasons for the ceremony.
They included the Family Unity Sand Ceremony. Stacey and Stew poured in part of their sand and then I poured in one container of sand that represented all their children, then Stacey and Stew poured in the rest of their sand.
Prelude to the kiss right after the pronouncement.
Finally married. They are so happy to be with each other.
I wanted to show you that Stacey wore a black rubber spider ring on her right hand during the ceremony!
Stacey and Stewart, I am so happy that you found each other to share your lives and your love! You deserve each other and a lifetime of happiness together. I wish you all the best!

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