Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful Wedding for Erin and Tom at Highgrove!

Erin and Tom met in high school and noticed each other at a graduation party but it was not until they met 4 years later in 2006 did they seriously consider each other. Erin sort of knew then that if she dated Tom, he would be the one she would marry. Tom was intoxicated with Erin from the beginning and felt a great connection! They began seeing each other and it was not long before they confessed their feelings and committed to their relationship. They planned a fabulous wedding at Highgrove on September 4, 2010, and came to see me last March to plan their wedding ceremony. They were most excited that they could make their ceremony theirs and that I would help them write the story of how they met and fell in love. Together we created a ceremony that they loved and we knew their families and friends would enjoy on their wedding day. 
And so the big day arrived. Marty took this photo of the beautiful reception area inside the big tent. The owner of Highgrove plans to make this area a permanent building over the winter months when there are not so many weddings. The basic construction will be brick walls going about 1/4 way up and the rest windows and a draped ceiling just like in the tent. It is so pretty and spacious.
The color scheme for this wedding was one of my very favorites: black and hot pink. Like red and black, hot pink and black make such beautiful weddings. The pink was carried out in beautiful pink roses everywhere. The florist was, of course, Fresh Affairs, who creates the most fabulous florals for weddings.
Providing the wonderful music for the ceremony was a string trio put together by Marta Partridge. They were great!
This beautiful cake with the couple's initials was made by Ambrosia Cake Creations in Fuquay Varina.
Randy Pulley was our DJ for the reception. He was called in by Joe Bunn DJ Company when the scheduled DJ was unable to be there for the wedding due to a death in the family. I had not met Randy before but we had a nice little chat and he admired by Countryman theater microphone I wear for weddings.
So, when it was time to begin, Angela, our wedding coordinator with Highgrove, got us all lined up and cued the musicians for the processional music. Tom and I were the first to enter.
This is the mother of the bride, Kathy, being escorted in by her son-in-law, Chris. What a pretty dress!
Then it was time for the music to change for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Angela has just cued the musicians. Note the guy in the background as he takes care of his baby so his wife could watch the ceremony! I watched him before the ceremony started and he was very much a Mr. Mom! So sweet and I really love seeing the fathers taking care of the babies as much as the mothers!
Now that the attendants are all in place, it is time for the bride and her beaming father, Tim, to take that walk down the aisle! Erin is such a stunningly beautiful young woman. Tom is equally handsome and I know their children will be extraordinarily attractive people. In the background is their photographer, Eric Honeycutt of VegaBlue Photography.
And so we begin the ceremony. They had quite a large wedding party. Erin's two younger brothers were "bridesmen" and the younger one I think felt a little embarrassed about it all! They were such great young men and good sports. Erin's sister, Stefanie, was her matron of honor.
In the following photos you will see how the sun as it was setting behind the house, began to act like a spotlight on my face until it finally ducked down too low to be seen.
Erin's Aunt Meg presented a reading of a favorite poem by ee cummings often used in wedding ceremonies. "i carry your heart with me, i carry it in my heart"
Then Tom's grandmother, Joan, presented words from Romans chapter 12.
The sun has found my face so it is hard for me to look up at Tom without squinting! Funny how that sunbeam was so concentrated on one spot.
A better view of all the attendants. They filled up the portico wings.
Tom's brother, Matthew, was his best man and was carrying the rings. Note the beautiful pink roses on the pedestals and in the bouquets.
No, I am not mad, just squinting! I felt like someone had a spotlight trained right on my face! God?
Ah, and all of a sudden the spotlight was off! What a relief! Tom is saying his vows and putting the ring on Erin's finger.
Erin is so happy to say these wonderful vows to Tom.
"With this ring
I give you my heart.
I have no greater gift to give to you.
I promise I will honor you
With all that I am
And all that I will become
For my whole life.
I thee wed."  

You know the drill.......the big moment.........the pronouncement of marriage and then............
The kiss is about to happen!
And now, they are married!
While the guests enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and cocktails on the patio, Eric got the wedding party assembled for photos. Marty took these over his shoulder! What a large and handsome wedding party!
Erin's gown is so pretty and fits her so perfectly. Erin and Tom, I loved working with you and officiating your wedding. I hope to see you again either when you start a family or have a renewal of vows on one of your anniversaries. You are such a great couple!


Erin said...

Thank you for making our day so perfect! All of our friends and family commented on how perfect our ceremony was and how great of a job they thought you did. They loved the the story and all of the personal elements--thanks for your guidance and expertise!! You are awesome!!

Reverend Kayelily Middleton said...

Thanks, Erin! You and Tom are an awesome couple and so easy and fun to work with. You gave me great material for your "story" too. What a fun wedding you had thanks to your careful planning and enthusiasm and surrounded by family and friends.