Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jennifer and Seth Have a Great Wedding at Peace College Chapel!

It did not take Jen and Seth long to realize that they were meant for each other. Four months after meeting, Seth proposed and the rest is history. They planned their wedding for September 12, 2010 at the Peace College Dinwiddie Chapel. It is such a pretty chapel.  (The 1870 Pomplitz organ, a rare antique pipe organ, has been restored to superior working condition but I have yet to hear it played.) Their ceremony music was provided by some very young men who are very talented musicians.
Someone told me they found these little guys on the internet. They are Joshua (12), Jacob (10) and Luke (7) Henderson and their mother told me she guessed they would be called the Henderson Trio. They take lessons at Meredith and their music was excellent. They even learned "Viva La Vida" for the recessional and did a great job with it. They came to the rehearsal and were playing at the wedding before the guests arrived. Wow!
This is the wooden wedding box into which Jen and Seth placed a bottle of wine, two wineglasses and love letters to each other which they did not read. They locked the box during the ceremony and are to open it on their first anniversary and read their letters to each other.
After the trolley arrived with the bridal party and we got everyone upstairs and lined up, we began the processional. Seth escorted his grandmother, Patty, in then returned to the line-up.
Jen's brother, Chris, escorted their grandmother, Bernice, in and Chris returned to the line up.
The father of the groom, Dan, who was also our best man, escorted in the mother of the groom, Kathy, but we did not get a photo of them. Above are the parents of the bride, Sheryl and Ralph. Ralph circled back to bring in the bride.
 Then it was time for Seth and me to make our entrance.
The bridesmaids and groomsmen came in as couples next and are all lined up by Dawn, Jen's aunt, our day of wedding coordinator.
Here comes the Maid of Honor, Meagan, and the ring bearer, Brayden. He was one happy little boy and had no trouble coming down the aisle. There was a flower girl who was 2, but apparently she opted out of her petal sprinkling duties!
I had told Ralph that it was his job to keep the bride from galloping down the aisle and he told me afterward  that he had to hold her back twice!
Everyone enjoyed hearing Jen and Seth's story, especially the proposal details! Here Jen is reading her vows to Seth from my book.
They locked the wedding box then I made the pronouncement of marriage and you know what comes next!
The Kiss! 
And out the newlyweds go! 
I sent all the guests to Caffe Luna for the reception and the wedding party and parents stayed back for photos. Here is our photographer, Neil Boyd, getting a good one of the couple.
Jen and Seth, you are meant for each other and are so devoted. You will have a great marriage. Both of your parents have provided you with great examples of good marriages. I wish you all the best!

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