Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Pavilions at Angus Barn Hosts Wedding of Heather and Mike!

The photos above show where Heather and Mike's wedding ceremony was supposed to be and where we had our rehearsal! But, because of the rain, it was moved inside the pavilion. Nevertheless, they were bound to have a wonderful wedding ceremony no matter where on the property of the Pavilions at Angus Barn. The Pavilions at Angus Barn is one of the newest and most prestigious wedding venues in the Raleigh area. The facility is most impressive and this was my first wedding there. I had been to the grounds and taken photos and put up a blog post about it in early 2009 and was so thrilled when Heather and Mike contacted me back in August of 2009 to officiate their wedding on July 17, 2010.

Heather and Mike's wedding was special for another reason too. Heather's sister, Carrie, and my daughter, Andrea, worked together and that is how they came to know about me and hire me for their wedding officiant. I did not meet Heather and Mike face to face until months after they mailed me the contract and check.
When Dave and I arrived at 5:00 on the day of the wedding, it was raining. We had come from another wedding in Hillsborough, see next post, where it had been pouring rain and were wondering what decision had been made for this wedding. We were quite sure it would be moved indoors.
 The interior of the pavilion had already been set up with 100 chairs and the arbor all decorated with flowers. It was situated in front of the double sided fireplace and the lights from the trees and the candles softly illuminated the area. It was beautiful! Thank you, Kelly and Wendy (Angus Barn staff in charge of the wedding), for taking care of all the details!
Shortly after I got my theater microphone plugged into the DJ's sound system, Molly Olah, founder of  North Carolina Classical Wedding Music, and her two fellow musicians arrived. Molly is in the center. They provided heavenly music for the ceremony while the DJ, a family member from Plymouth MA provided the music for the reception.
DJ Gene and I chatting about weddings on Cape Cod where my niece officiates weddings and I have done a couple up there too for my niece's daughter and son.
Here is one table setting and another in the back ground.
The cute little place cards were held by corks!
Heather and Mike had found some smooth polished stones for each guest to take, write their name on it with a silver marker, hold the stone during the ceremony infusing it with their blessings for the couple then deposit it into the glass vase to the left after the ceremony. The glass vase of stones will be a keepsake to be displayed in their home of all the people and blessings from their wedding.
When all the guests had arrived and been seated by our groomsmen who did such a fabulous job (I am proud of you guys for not letting anyone sit in the back row!), I entered and took my place. I was followed by Mike escorting his two mothers, Susan and Kate.
Not a real good photo but this is the father and mother of the bride, Doug and Mary, entering. Doug circled around to do his duty bringing in the bride.
Next in were Jenny and Gabe. That is Tina Loebach, our photographer in the background catching the action as they entered.
Corey escorts Julie in. 
Angela enters with Bryan. She is one of the Maids of Honor. 
And now Carrie, Heather's sister, enters with our best man, Kyle. 
Madison and Jake enter. You can barely see Jake but he is following behind with the ring pillow. They are Mike's niece and nephew. Madison did a thorough job of sprinkling the petals. I could tell she was an experienced flower girl!
Time for our beautiful bride and proud papa. 
And the ceremony began. Take a look at that huge fan rotating slowly above the guests. And, that nice carpet runner! That substantial runner is what I like to see at a wedding! 
Here we are paying tribute to their wonderful parents. 
Carrie is reading her sweet vows to Mike from my book as I follow along with my finger so she can look up and not lose her place. 
Time for the big pronouncement of marriage. Someone else on the front row is taking a picture too! 
The photo of the kiss was just too dark to salvage but as you can imagine, it was a good one. They had been practicing! 
Whoa! I can't explain this photo but I sure do like it! Sorry Mike got cut off but Heather is grinning from ear to ear! 
Doug and Mary, Heather's parents, recess out. They are so happy about this marriage! Carrie, you are next! 
Mike's two moms, Sue and Kate, exit together. They were so touched by the ceremony! 
I just dropped my stone into the vase! I had it in my pocket during the ceremony.
It was only slightly misting when we exited for photos on the terrace outside the pavilion. The lighting is perfect. Mike and Heather, it was a pleasure working with you and I am honored to have officiated your wonderful wedding. I am sure I will be hearing about you from Carrie! All the best to you both! 

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