Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jennifer and Kyle's Unique Wedding at the Page Walker Arts and History Center!

Jennifer and Kyle met with me in May to officiate their wedding on June 20, 2010. They are a pretty laid back and quite mature couple to be in their twenties, late twenties. It is probably because they have been together for almost 11 years. They planned a small uncomplicated ceremony at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center with a dinner reception at Lucky 32 in Cary. Page-Walker started out circa 1868 as a hotel right on the railroad tracks of the town now known as Cary. It is now owned and operated by the Town of Cary and has gone through many changes through the years being a museum, art gallery, historical site, wedding venue, and so on. I have done many weddings there. A few years ago they turned the adjacent lot into a beautiful garden and lawn with a portico for weddings and that is where we planned to do the wedding until the weather got so hot that weekend. Jennifer and Kyle wisely moved their wedding to the smaller brick courtyard which is shaded by old oak trees and the cool indoors was readily accessible. 
They also did something else rather unusual. They had a little concert for entertaining the guests before the wedding started. I did not know until the day of her wedding that Jennifer is a vocalist with a degree in Opera although currently she works as a video game designer. Kyle's father is an accomplished vocalist with the Houston Symphony Chorus. So, with a talented pianist as accompanist, Kyle's father, Kevin, and Jennifer's voice teacher, Jennifer Seiger, entertained us for about 15 to 20 minutes before everyone went out into the courtyard for the ceremony. It was really a special treat and everyone enjoyed their wonderful singing.

When it was time, Cathy, Mother of the groom, was escorted in by Kevin. Father of the groom. Then the groom and his best man, his brother Brian, and I entered. Then Susan, the Maid of Honor took her place. Our wonderful ceremony music was provided by Craig Hanemann with Arioso Strings. I see Craig at a lot of weddings in duets, trios and quartets and this was the first time I have heard him solo. He is really fabulous!
Jennifer was escorted in by her parents, Emily and John.  They came for the wedding from Indiana. Seems that John has a bit of a dilemma here as to how to step out the door without stepping on the bride's train and Jennifer and her mother are obviously not aware of his problem!
John figured it out somehow because they made it down the aisle to present her to Kyle to be married and Jennifer's train is still intact! Jennifer made some really attractive wedding programs. You can see one in a guest's hand on the right side of the photo. (I like to collect left-over programs and give them to my upcoming wedding couples for ideas for their own.)
The ceremony was rolling right along after Jennifer shed a few tears. Here Brian is presenting a thought-provoking reading from the Tao Te Ching.
Their friends Timothy and Mary presented "Waltzing of the Spheres" by Susan Thompson. A great poem for a wedding.
This wonderful photo is by our wedding photographer, Michelle Gunton, who so generously sent me a bunch of her fabulous photos of the wedding. I think at this point I am telling the couple's story about how they met when they were both students at Rice University in Texas, moving to North Carolina and adopting Milly the cat. As I mentioned before, Jennifer creates video games and Kyle develops software for medical applications. They are both brilliant people.
Another photo by Michelle. It was at this point in the ceremony that a very long train came rumbling and tooting through! You can see it in the background to the left. It was much too large and loud for me to compete with so we just stopped and laughed for a while.
Still laughing. It was a long train! Every venue has the potential for excessive noise interruptions whether a train, a motorcycle passing by or even a helicopter flying over Duke Gardens. I have learned to make the best of it and go with the flow by incorporating it impromptu into the ceremony, making the ceremony just that much more memorable. Photo by Michelle Gunton.
Finally the train has gone by and it is time to get serious again! Ha! Everyone was in a laughing mode by then.So then they said their vows to each other and exchanged rings. 
Another two great photos from Michelle. The pronouncement of marriage............
Finally, the kiss! They've been practicing, I see! 
It is time to go celebrate! Notice Kyle's mother, Cathy, cheering because she now has a daughter!
Such a great wedding! Jennifer wrote me before the wedding that they were "...very pleased with the ceremony.  I am really looking forward to it!   Thank you so much for helping us create a ceremony that is perfect for us." Jennifer and Kyle, it was such a pleasure working with you and being a part of your very special day. I know you will have much happiness and joy! (The beautiful bouquets for Jennifer and Susan were by GCG Flowers of Cary.)
I just love this photo by Michelle
Michelle, you have a really good eye and perspective. I like your style and I thank you for sending these to me! Hope to work with you again soon!  Here is a link to Michelle's blog post on this wedding. Go see more of Jennifer and Kyle's wedding celebration in the slide show.


Mary Page Block said...

Beautiful wedding and you captured it so well on the blog! Glad Arioso could provide the violinist and that Jennifer Seiger could sing that day... wonderful musicians for a wonderful wedding!

Reverend Kayelily Middleton said...

I received this sweet note from the bride and groom this week:

Dear Kayelily,
Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day so special. It was so wonderful to craft our perfect ceremony with you and have you present it with such a warm manner. And we made it through the train well, I thought, too!
Jennifer and Kyle