Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Very Special Wedding for Jenn and Andy at Duke Gardens Pergola!

Originally Jenn and Andy wanted to have their wedding in Henderson but when they could not find an officiant there, they decided to have it in the Triangle. The noon slot at Duke Gardens pergola just happened to be available on their wedding day of May 22, 2010. And, as luck would have it, I was available too having already booked the wedding at the pergola following their wedding. So, it all worked out great! The weather on Saturday was unstable and rain was threatening. But, we made it without a drop falling! Here are some behind the scenes photos of what takes place at the pergola beforehand to get ready for a wedding. 

One of my very favorite groups, Arioso Strings, sets up to provide the ceremony music.
Our Event Planner and Wedding Director with An Elegant Affair, Sally Oakley Herring, is putting on the chair covers and ties to dress up the plain green folding chairs that the Gardens furnish. Each wedding gets 50 chairs. If more than 50 guests, they stand to the sides of the chairs in the grass.

Sally did an incredible job of organizing this wedding and bringing all the vendors together as well as directing the ceremony. Thanks, Sally! 
Dara Blakeley, our photographer, and I go over the ceremony logistics and from which directions the wedding party will enter. At the pergola, the minister, groom and best man usually enter from the rear of the pergola once the mother of the bride has been escorted up the aisle below and seated. Today, since Jenn's mother and father were escorting her in, and Andy's mother, Carol, was being escorted in by her son, Buck, who was also the best man, Andy and I entered first with Dave, groomsman, and took our places first. Then Carol and Buck entered and he stepped up into his place, then the bridesmaids and so on.
Fresh Affairs delivered the bouquets and boutonnieres to the pergola. I pinned on the boutonnieres and Sally took the bouquets and rose petals down underneath the tree behind the bushes where the bride was hidden.

The cinematographers doing the wedding video were Chris and Toni of Barton Creek Weddings. They covered everything!  

Dave, our groomsman, was in charge of the couple's beloved beagles, Marcy and Max, before the ceremony. Marcy had not yet put on her veil or Max his bow-tie !
And so it is time to begin. I cued the musicians and Andy, Dave and I walked forward to the top of the steps.
Buck and Carol get ready to enter when Sally cues them in. Our flower girl and ring bearer are patiently waiting their turn.
Next our pretty bridesmaids, Heather and Deb, enter. Jenn's color scheme was black and platinum with multi-colored flowers.
Next our junior attendants, Coby and Alexa, enter with Marcy with her veil on and Max with his bow-tie and eager to get going!
Finally it is time for Carter, our ring bearer, and Chloei, our flower girl, to enter and sprinkle the petals.
Cloei did not fully comprehend her job as the flower girl and balked along the way finally dumping the basket of rose petals out and moving right along. Carter is unsuccessfully trying his best to get her to do her job right!
And now, the big moment, the bride and her parents enter. Dara is ready and Chloei has found her mom. I ask all to stand in honor of our beautiful bride.
Beautiful bride, happy parents, Mariellen and Phil.
As they come up the aisle, Andy comes down the steps to receive his bride from her parents as they "hand her over!"
Jenn and Andy were so ready to get married. During the ceremony I told their love story including how Andy had pursued Jenn persistently until she finally agreed to have dinner with him. He knew there was something really special about her and he wanted to find out what it was. Theirs is a match made in heaven! 
From the grin on Jenn's face, I think I must be telling the story of Marcy and Max and how they came to be part of this new family. Marcy was being a bit vocal here and wanted to run up the steps and be with her two favorite people in the world. Max was pretty laid back about it all though. 
Jenn's best friend since childhood and maid of honor, Debbie, read a quote from Oprah magazine by Natalie White which was quite touching and perfect for this couple. She got a bit choked up at first then did quite well. Thanks, Debbie.
Jenn is reading her vows to Andy from my book while putting the ring on his finger. They wrote their vows themselves and they were so sweet with some really funny lines too.
Okay, they are now married, at last! Happy, happy couple and I am so happy for them. They are really great together and I know they will have a great marriage.
Here are the two families and the wedding party. Everyone is ready to celebrate except Chloei who did not like it when her daddy made her take the bubble bottle out of her mouth!
All the best to you, Jenn and Andy! I hope you will keep in touch and I know we will run into each other from time to time.What a wonderful wedding!

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