Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Lovely Wedding at the NC State Fairgrounds for Dana and Matt!

With the help of her mother, Wanda, Dana and Matt planned a sweet wedding at the state fairgrounds on April 11, 2009. I had never done a wedding there so I wondered what the facility would be like. It turned out to be very nice. It is the Gov. Martin Building which is new and modern. The facility had a spacious room they used for the reception and on the floor they had a big clear cellophane type sticker that read: "Just Married-Dana & Matt." The ceremony took place on the covered patio which is open on one end and one side. They had a lovely wedding cake and their DJ, John Buckley, was providing music for the reception. I was thankful he was there because the CD that the couple planned to play on their small portable CD player for the ceremony ended up not working--of course, right when we were ready to begin! So at the last minute we propped open the doors and John turned his huge speakers to face the doors and cranked the music up. It went fine except that he could not see the ceremony from his control station and had to run back and forth! Thanks, John!

So, when we were ready to begin, Matt and his father who was the best man, and I walked in and took our places. To the left of me in the first seat on the groom's side the couple had placed a photo of Matt's mother who died when he was 10. He placed a red rose on the chair when he walked in. Then Mitzi, the maid of honor, processed in. Then Wanda wheeled in Amaya, Dana and Matt's almost one year old daughter, in a red wagon all decorated with flowers. She was such a good baby and did not fuss at all. Then Dana's father, Morris, escorted her in and transferred her hand into Matt's hand. We began with a warm welcome and a prayer, remembering Matt's mother. We recognized Amaya too but she did not seem to be paying attention! At least she was quiet for which we were all grateful. She is a little sweetie pie! The couple exchanged vows and rings then they poured their sand together alternating it with sand for Amaya signifying the family unity. I pronounced them married and they kissed. We closed with a blessing and they just about skipped down the aisle they were so happy to be married. Marty and I got a few photos and then we boogied out of there to the next wedding. All the best to you, Matt, Dana and Amaya!

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