Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Monday, April 20, 2009

Brittany and Will Happily Married at Preston-Woodall House!

This wedding was one of the most beautiful and coordinated weddings it has been my pleasure to be a part of! Of course all the weddings at the lovely historic Preston Woodall House in Benson are simply grand. Everything is geared for the perfect wedding and reception. The couple started planning more than a year in advance for their wedding April 18, 2009. They met with me in January of 2008 and the ceremony started coming together after I sent them my special collection of ceremony components and sample ceremonies so they could choose what they wanted to express to each other and to their guests.

The wedding colors were so pretty as you can see in the photos. Garry of The Dutch Iris in Dunn did the elegant florals and Sweet Memories did that gorgeously stunning black and white wedding cake! Jeff Simpson of Simpsound is a great DJ and I love to work with him (see photo of us together). He also does special lighting for weddings too. The sound for the ceremony was perfect thanks to Jeff. You must have amplification for the minister's voice in order for the guests to hear the words at an outdoor ceremony. I have my own sound system I can provide but it is so much easier for me to be able to plug my wireless microphone into the DJ's system and have him control the volume as needed. Our photographer was April Sirit of Evoke Photography. She and her assistant Amanda were everywhere shooting. She told me that I was the most savvy minister she had ever worked with. Thank you, April! The weather cooperated with a sunny day in the low 80s and a pleasant breeze. What a wonderful wedding day for Brittany and Will on April 18, 2009!

Brittany was escorted in by her father, Mark. They floated down the aisle. Brittany's beautiful dress was out of a fairy tale with layers of chiffon and beautiful beadwork on the bodice. Her veil kept falling around her face though and that kept the guests from being able to see her face well. Will helped keep it pushed back though! Thanks, Will! Brittany confided in me after the wedding having quickly ditched the veil that she never really liked it because it was so full. (So, future brides, let that be a hint for you to choose a veil that will stay back of your shoulders and not fall forward obstructing your face during the ceremony!) The bridesmaids were so pretty in their short black dresses with the bubble hemlines and the striking contrast of the pink bouquets. I wore black with a pink flower on my dress to blend in with the decor!

Would you believe there were 4 sets of grandparents at the wedding? It is so endearing to see them all enjoying their grandchildren's wedding. One of the grandmothers, Mary, did a special reading in the ceremony and she did so well. We kept the groomsmen busy escorting them all in and escorting them all out. They did a great job too. We rehearsed the day before to be sure everyone knew exactly what to do, where to go and where to come from. Wendy Fichera, the best friend of a friend of the mother of the bride, Lisa, was our capable wedding director. She did an outstanding job. Thank you, Wendy!

The ceremony went just as we had rehearsed. Brittany had told me at the rehearsal that she was deathly afraid of bees and that if one showed up during the wedding she would run! Well, a wasp did show up but I was able to brush it aside with my book and it cooperated by staying away so Brittany did not bolt--that would have been a glitch for sure. Their flower girl, Savannah, who was in a not so good mood the day of the rehearsal did a perfect job of coming down the aisle and throwing the flower petals. She even stayed on the steps with the bridesmaids during the ceremony. After the wedding several guests came up to me to tell me how much they enjoyed the ceremony. One guest told me she had been to at least 50 weddings in her lifetime and if she ever decided to get married again, she would call me. That is always so gratifying to hear!

Brittany and Will, have a great marriage, call me when you want to do a renewal of your vows, and when you have a baby, we will do a baby blessing ceremony for the little one! All the best to you!

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