Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

I recently saw this article below by a wedding planner and thought it was very good. If you can possibly afford a wedding planner, it is a very good idea to take some stress and work off your shoulders. They are behind the scenes worker bees that make sure your wedding flows beautifully on your wedding day and you can hire them to do specific functions or handle the whole wedding! There are many excellent wedding planners in this area I have worked with. This is Shawn Schindler of Your Perfect Day to the right who has just sent the bride and her dad down the aisle at Shady Wagon Farm. Below is Andrea of Bustles and Blooms posing with me for a photo after a wedding at St. Marks Chapel with reception to follow at The Umstead. I wish I had more photos of these wonderful planners. (See my website under Planning or click on "wedding planner" on the list in pink to the right here and my posts of weddings with wedding planners involved come up with links to the planners' sites.)

If you are having more than one attendant each, on the wedding day you will need someone to be in charge of the processional--to round everyone in the wedding party up and cue them when to walk in. The minister and groom customarily go in after the mother of the bride is seated so I cannot serve as the director, and at your rehearsal I will train someone you may "appoint" to do this job. But, if you have a wedding planner, she will conduct the rehearsal with me and be in charge of the processional and recessional. Needless to say, I really appreciate it when there is a wedding planner involved and can breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything will flow seamlessly on your wedding day. Here is the article:

"A good wedding planner is the first thing you should consider as being a necessity. A wedding planner has resources and contacts throughout their business repertoire that can save you time and money, not to mention they will see that you get the best value for your budget. You might be thinking that wedding planners are too expensive and only "luxury items" for the rich, but a good wedding planner will save you time and money and an unbelievable amount of stress. Here are a few wedding facts to consider when you begin planning your wedding.

The average wedding takes approximately 250 hours of planning. That translates into 6.25 full-time work weeks. Most engaged couples are full time students or employees who already spend over 40 hours a week with their nose at the grindstone. Do you have the time and patience to spend hours researching, checking references, going to site visits? If not, a wedding planner would be a wise investment. Wedding planners are your search party, librarian, research assistant, contract translator, vendor coordinator, and mediator when you and yours (fiance, mom, sister, grandmother, etc.) are not on the same page. A wedding planner will also think of things you might accidentally overlook, too. Babysitters, food allergies, checking the florals as soon as they arrive to ensure they are right, making arrangements for any handicapped guests, etc.

Maybe you are a super organized person who has everything under control. That is great, but you probably still need a DOC, commonly called a Day Of Coordinator. This person will guide you through your rehearsal, your pre-ceremony and ceremony, and at the least, your reception entrance. They will also aid in avoiding any uncomfortable seating issues like divorced family members or rowdy college friends. They assist with any emergencies that might arise like stains on gowns or missing buttons on suits. They are really a way to ensure that everyone is able to relax and have a great time at your special day.

But there are a few things to consider before signing a contract with any wedding vendor.

*How long have they been in business?
*Can you call references of recent brides?
*How many weddings do they do per weekend?
*Do they give or accept referral fees? A word to the cautionary, most really good wedding vendors do not need referral fees so definitely check references for the companies who will admit to giving or receiving them.
* Read the entire contract, including the fine print, and go over it with your fiance before signing anything. You will have plenty of chances to argue over the next 50 years, try not to let your vendor contracts be the reason you have a disagreement.
* Have an in person meeting with each vendor to make sure your personalities are comfortable with each other. You do not want to spend the next 8 months having to deal with someone you are not totally comfortable with, especially in regard to a planner. Your planner will become your friend, your knight in shining armor, and your pseudo-therapist during the months and weeks leading up to your special day. Make sure it is someone you want to spend time with doing wedding things.

Ask questions that are specific to your event, and remember that you do not have to be an 'impulse buyer' with your wedding. Take time to consider the possibilities and details. Enjoy the process and all the fun that goes with it."

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