Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Valentine's Day Weddings!

Valentine's Day--time for sweethearts and romance, engagements and weddings! This year Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday and would be a great time for a wedding.

I remember one Valentine's Day that fell on a Saturday. It was back in 2003. I did several weddings that day, traveling from one spot to another. They were all in the homes of the couple with family and close friends gathering for the occasion. One was Jennifer and Sam. It was such a sweet wedding. In the photo, you can see Jennifer's daughter, Amy on the far left. I officiated her wedding to Chris a few years later in 2005 at the Cardinal Club and Jennifer was her matron of honor. That was a great wedding too. It was a sunset and the setting was fabulous with the grand chandelier and the sunset in the background. Amy had the most gorgeous wedding gown and a bouquet of purple orchids.

Another wedding I did on Valentine's Day in 2003 was for Lynn and John. Their little dog, Tarbaby was part of the wedding! He is in the photo in the lower left hand corner. I found out that both these couples were taking their guests to Caffe Luna afterwards to celebrate their marriage. So two couples I married on the same day ended up celebrating together at the same place. Amazing! I recently ran into Lynn and John at the church I attend, Unity Church of the Triangle. It was great to see them again and now I see them often! Found out too that I had married another couple Christmas of 2007 who were their friends--Sally and Ken (see photo to left). It is truly a small world.

Ironically I just got a call from the mother of a bride who wants to get married on Valentine's Day so writing this post must have sent out the message that I was available before it was even published!

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Kristin Joy said...

Really, Valentines Day is very special day!! These wedding pictures are so beautiful...