Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Grateful Thumb's up to Nail Care!

Since I don't have any weddings on my calendar until February 28th, I thought I would take this free time to blog about other aspects of weddings behind the scenes. So, this post is about NAILS!

For years I struggled with my nails to get them to look nice for wedding ceremonies and in the wedding photos. Go take a look at the website of any wedding photographer and you will see that the minister's hands are in many of the pictures. When I make the pronouncement of marriage in ceremonies, I place my right hand on top of the couple's hands. My natural nails are not strong and tend to separate into layers and I never could get them to the same length at the same time! Sound familiar? I tried regular manicures. I took supplements. I tried acrylic nails several times throughout the years and was always disappointed and vowed I would never try them again! Acrylic nails always felt funny--as if they were lifting my natural nails off--and the process of sanding down my natural nails was painful. Then I discovered gel nails and Nail Care almost three years ago. I found out that the natural look of these nails was dependent on a skilled nail stylist who could apply the gel thinly and evenly and had the artistic eye to make them look natural.

I was so happy to be referred to Brian Truong and Vina Huynh of Nail Care in 2006 and I have been going there regularly ever since. I usually see Vina but when she was on maternity leave, Brian (her husband, by the way) subbed for her. They both make my nails look so natural-- not thick and artificial looking like acrylic nails are. The gel fills I get every two weeks are not painful in any way and they don't damage my natural nails. They feel like my own nails. I get a French manicure but with the not so white tip so they look more natural.

Because the bride's hands and those of the bridesmaids are in wedding photos, I can highly recommend you go see Vina and Brian to do your nails for your wedding and I am sure you will love them so much you will continue! By the way tell your fiance that my husband, Dave, goes with me once in a while to get a pedicure and manicure while I am getting a gel fill. At first Dave was shy about getting his nails done but now he just loves to be pampered!

Nail Care is located at the corner of Strickland and Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh. They are around the corner from Kroger facing Strickland. The phone is (919) 676-2333. My family knows that they can give me a gift certificate to Nail Care for any occasion and I will be happy! I love to give gift certificates to Nail Care to my friends and family as well. I never worry about my nails any more!


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