Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, November 14, 2008

Angela and Ash's Wedding at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh!

Last July or August, James Wang of Wink event planners contacted me to see if I was available for a wedding on 11/13/08 at the historic All Saints Chapel for his friends Angela and Ash who live in New York City. Angela's parents live in Fuquay-Varina and they wanted to have their wedding in the Raleigh area. I was available so I met with the couple on September 21st when they were in town and we began working on the ceremony by email. At first Angela wanted to incorporate traditions from a Hindu wedding because Ash grew up in India and his parents still live there. But Ash prevailed because he wanted Angela to have the storybook American wedding she had dreamed of based on her Christian upbringing and so they put together a more traditional wedding from my material without any reference to Hinduism. After the wedding Angela planned to change into an Indian bridal costume for the reception at Porter's to honor Ash's customs.

Dave (my husband) and I arrived for the wedding on Thursday November 13th. Marty, my "roadie," is on vacation this weekend! I immediately went to hook my wireless theater microphone into the chapel's sound system and it would not work. Sarah Morris, the assistant director at the chapel, and I tried everything, but no go. Because Dave is an audio expert, I asked him to check it out and he found a dead channel in their system so we then hooked in my receiver to another channel and finally, I had sound! (I can project my voice to up to 100 people but I don't like to do that because the couple is standing within 18 to 24 inches in front of me and I would blast them out! It is my preference to be able to speak in a normal tone and volume of voice so that I can put inflection and meaning into the beautiful words of the ceremony the couple has created. I can provide the entire sound system or if the facility has a sound system or there is a DJ, I can plug my wireless mike right into their system.) So, we were all set and ready to go on time thanks to Dave and Sarah getting this worked out!

The wedding was beautiful. The chapel is a wonderful wedding venue with the dark wood and high ceilings and loft. Sherry Lattin of Florian Music provided the violin, cello, flute music which was so pretty. They are really good! James Wang was on hand with his two assistants, Mary Ann who directed the wedding, and her right hand assistant, Samantha, at the door. It was a flawless processional and the wedding commenced without incident except for Ash adding a little humor and not one kiss, but two--maybe three--did I miss one? We closed with a blessing and the guests departed to the reception. (I found out at the rehearsal that the Rivera restaurant where the reception was supposed to be had gone belly up a few days before the wedding! Thankfully the couple recouped their money and were able to make arrangements with Porter's to host their reception. Whew!) Terrence Jones of J1S Photography was on hand to cover the wedding.Congratulations and I wish you all the best, Ash and Angela!

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