Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jennifer and Christopher's Wedding at the Wagner House!

Jennifer and Christopher (AKA "Kip") fell in love with the Wagner House in Clayton and it was available 10/12/08 for their wedding. Brenda and Mac, the proprietors of Wagner House, have a beautifully appointed property, a fairytale-like setting for a romantic wedding. Brenda also bakes the wedding cake and does the catering and it is her green thumb that has made the garden and gazebo so lush with plants and decorations that she changes for each season. (I love to see what she does at Christmas because she goes all out and it is worth a trip to Clayton to see what she does each year!) I really enjoy doing weddings in this setting. Unless the couple have a DJ providing ceremony music, I provide my sound system so that all the guests can hear the words of the ceremony the couple chooses.
They hired a violin/viola duet, Suzanne and Evelyn, put together by Musicians Booking Agency, to play for their ceremony so Marty and I got there early and set up my sound system which is invisible to the guests amidst all the pretty flowers. Katie Garcia was our photographer. Right before the ceremony we decided to ditch Kip's white vest as it just would not lay flat but puckered out of his jacket. With permission from the bride, he gladly removed it and looked just fine. Jennifer and Kip chose not to have attendants so it was just them and me in the gazebo as their parents and guests enjoyed their lovely ceremony. It was a beautiful October day--no heat, no rain, and no bugs! The couple wrote personal vows to each other which they read to each other from my book. They also chose to include the sand ceremony. After the pronouncement, kiss and a closing blessing, I introduced them to their guests who were applauding the couple as they swooshed down the aisle. Congratulations, Jennifer and Kip!

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