Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Maureen and Doug's Wedding at the Clock Tower in Bedford!

Doug and Maureen contacted me last February to officiate their wedding on 9/20/08 in Raleigh. Turns out they also wanted to take my Preparation for Marriage premarital counseling program as well to be sure they were well-matched. They told me they had met on e-Harmony and felt their relationship was much more comfortable than past marriages and relationships. I have counseled several couples who have been matched up by e-Harmony and I must say, e-Harmony does a very good job. Maureen and Doug took an inventory I gave them and it showed that they were very compatible. I had fun working with them to smooth out some rough spots that could arise in the future and got to know them well as a couple. So, it was a delight to officiate their wedding.
It turned out to be quite a windy day at the clock tower and we turned off one fountain due to the noise factor. Doug and his son, Andrew, arrived on the scene followed by the guests. Maureen arrived in a limo with her "flower girls" Chloe, Doug's daughter, and Allysa, his niece, and Maureen's son, Daniel, who escorted her in. The guests gathered around and I delivered the ceremony that Doug and Maureen had put together. Doug's son-in-law, Nathan presented words on marriage and Kelly, Maureen's daughter, who could not be with us had pre-recorded a poem which was played for the guests. We did a "pretend" Unity Candle lighting--it was just too windy-- with plans for the couple to actually do it again indoors at the clubhouse where the reception was held. They made their vows to each other and exchanged rings and I made the pronouncement of marriage. Following the kiss, I introduced the couple to their guests who crowded around them with congratulations. In the meantime, Andrew and Daniel and I went aside to get their signatures on the marriage license. Anne Wilson was busy taking photos of the couple. We have worked weddings together before and she is on the ball! They hired two good friends of mine, Hollis Brown, violinist, and Cindi Johnson, pianist and vocalist, to play at their wedding. Marty, my roadie, and I arrived to find Cindi and Hollis already set up and running through the music. They are terrific, but of course I am biased. Cindi, Hollis and I all sing in a seven-voice women's a capella group we call Spirit Sisters. We have a lot of fun together. You can find Hollis and Cindi's contact information on my website here.
All the best to you, Doug and Maureen!

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