Sealed with a kiss!

Sealed with a kiss!
Laura & Chris' Wedding at JCRaulston Arboretum

Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Retirement Day for Mary and Family

This post may seem unrelated to weddings, but read on! Yesterday, 5/29/08, I went back to the place from which I retired in 2006 to celebrate the retirement of a good friend, Mary. She and I worked for Disability Determination Services in both Georgia and NC, and what's more amazing is that her husband, Dave, and I went to high school in Georgia together and we have all ended up living in Raleigh!

In August of 2003, I officiated the wedding of their daughter, Jennifer, to Martin, which took place at Long View Center in downtown Raleigh. Long View Center is one of the most elegant church-like settings in this whole area and I love doing weddings there. I even go there just about every Sunday because the church I belong to, Unity Church of the Triangle, is also located within Long View Center. Jen and Martin had a beautiful wedding with a musical interlude played on the grand piano by her brother, David, who is a classical pianist, readings by family members, the unity candle, and celebratory trumpet solo for the exit of the newlywed couple followed by a festive reception at the Velvet Cloak. So, I got to see all of them again at the party this week. Jen and Martin and their adorable son, Edison, traveled from New Jersey where Martin is a professor at Princeton to be with Mary on this wonderful day, a new chapter in all their lives.

Congratulations on your retirement, Mary! It was so good to see you, Jen and Martin and Edison! You too, Dave!

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Jen said...

It was so nice to see you Kayelily!! I love the blog!